Friday, April 17, 2009

Cooking buffalo for the first time today

Yep, never tried cooking buffalo before, although I have eaten it when in the US, very tasty too.

I'm making a stew in the slow cooker, as buffalo is best cooked low and slow as it has very little fat and therefore can get dry quite quickly. To help with preventing that I've seared the meat after dusting with a little seasoned flour, and created a lovely caramelisation all round, which will also give a great flavour to the stock. (Forget about those who say this process "seals in the juices" - load of culinary rubbish.)

Naturally for us here, I've given it an Asian twist through the use of a couple of red chilis, 6 cloves of garlic and a thumb size piece of ginger - roughly chopping these great flavour providers.

Vegetables included in the stew are tomatoes, carrots, one red and one yellow onion, celery, mushrooms, lentils and long beans.My own beef stock is the base for the source, with some soya source, oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine (very similar to a dry sherry) and a little worcestershire sauce, and thickened with corn flour.

It'll be in the slow cooker all day, on low, until we have dinner tonight at about 7.00pm (about 8 hours away). It's already smelling yummy!