Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Resisting the temptation no longer .....

I've resisted this temptation for several years now, but can resist no longer!

Perhaps I should come clean, be honest, and admit that the real reason for lowering my resistance is that my good lady, my much better half, has pointed out to me the potential of a blog to actually earn a few dollars!

At one time I did consider a purely personal blog, using it more like a diary, but knew that in that format it was unlikely to last. But, if I made it mostly business related, the chances were not only much better that it would last, but could also be a vehicle for earning an additional income.

My business is consulting, with specialisms in Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development together with a totally different expertise in direct/database marketing (direct mail with co-ordinated telemarketing).

Therefore, it's my intention over the coming months (consulting assignments permitting) to write a number of articles on HRM, HRD and direct/database marketing. In addition of course, I also plan to jot down some thoughts (or maybe I should say "musings" in view of the title I've given this blog.

Oh yes, why Zephyr? Well I've had an online forum existence as Zephyr for about seven years, so thought I might aswell continue with it. I chose Zephyr as it is the antithesis of my default personality, which is more like a typhoon than a gentle breeze. But it is a gentle breeze to which I aspire.

So, until I next post, hopefully with my first article, I'll sign off, but with a big thank you and all my love to my darling better half, my Sunshine (her one time, online forum name), for the encouragement to start this blog.


MayaKirana said...

Hi Zephyr,
I like the name! Even if you are a typhoon in real life, as they say, you can always have aspirations! ;-) Thanks for the comments on our business blog. Makes us feel the real interaction. I look forward to learning more about HR from you. And yes, what took you so long to go online with a blog? It's fun and it's so addictive!

ZEPHYR said...

Hi MayaKirana - I'm flattered you like the name and as I said to you in response to your comments on another post, I thought yours particularly lovely as Maya is also my granddaughter's name :-) What took me so long? I suppose two things - one a hugely busy working day and two spending non-family time on an online forum where I'm a co-host. Now I've started, I'll be trying to post a new message at least once a week, more if I can.

Terima kasih dan jumpa lagi!

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