Saturday, June 28, 2008

Letting the world know about your new website

Of course the first thing you will have to do is optimize your site for the major search engines. It is not hard, but it is very time consuming, and very essential that you follow all the recommended steps! But I’ve covered this topic in an earlier article on SEO Optimization, which you can also find on this site.

This time, I’d like to concentrate on some of the more creative and less common ways in which we can make our site more visible, in order to drive traffic to the site, and give ourselves a far better chance of increasing sales volume.

One that I have found very useful is through some of the main forums, such as those at Yahoo, MSN or Delphi. These sites usually frown upon direct advertising, so we have to be more subtle. For example, in my signature, automatically appended to each post I write, I use a simple text link to the article blog I run at my site. It is usually where I try out my articles first, before submitting them to Ezines like this one.

If you’re like me and are a regular poster on one of the more popular forums, then you should get quite a considerable increase in traffic. Since I added the text link to my signature on my main Delphi forum, my traffic has increased by almost 15%. If I recall correctly, Delphi has around 100,000 members, so that is a heck of a lot of potential traffic! As my site is pretty much aimed at an international audience, I naturally chose a Delphi forum with an international membership. That was you do not exclude any potential visitor, but certainly do include far more than if you participated in a more domestic forum.

Another is the use of signatures, on your emails. Whether you use a free email provider, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail, or a POP3 account connected to your web/email host, setting up your signature should be a breeze. Mine looks something like this:

Michael DaviesTel: (603) 7725 NNNN
Mobile: (6012) 337NNNN
Skype: mikedavieskl

For your FREE COPY of an e-book on Search Engine Optimization (worth USD89), by Brad Callen, one of the Net's leading Internet Marketing exponents, please email me with "SEO e-book" in the subject line. If you're interested in Search Engine Optimization software, from Brad Callen's company, click HERE.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: If you have received this email in error, please immediately delete it from your system and notify the sender at the email address given. This email may contain confidential information meant only for the intended recipient. Your compliance is most appreciated. This email is scanned for viruses, trojans and other malware, prior to dispatch, using Norton Internet Security 2008 which is updated at least weekly for optimum protection.

This too can be very effective in helping to drive traffic to your site. Obviously if your email contacts are few, the impact also will be less.

You’ll notice that I also have a Skype account, and I use that too, for simple promotions of my site. I have personalised my account with a simple statement: “Please visit my website at “ appended immediately after my account name. This is shown in the Skype directory and is therefore visible to a potential eleven million visitors! If you are serious about doing business with me, I would welcome contact through Skype. If, however, I receive spam/trash, having made this address public, please be advised that you will be reported to Skype officials to have your Skype account banned.

If you are not yet a member of one or more of the social networking sites, like My Space or Facebook, I strongly suggest you join. This is a very easy, very effective way to promote your site. Another is the business networking website, Linked-In, where you can reach many decision-makers, aswell as increase traffic to your site.

Taking out simple text ads on appropriate, high traffic sites, is an effective, and relatively cheap way of traffic generation. I recently placed a simple text ad on the website of one of the top PR (page rank) sites for my business; it cost me only $19 for seven days, and the increase in traffic was pretty significant. Effectively even cheaper, at just $25 for insertion in two monthly email newsletters to 25,000 subscribers, also within my business area, was the ad I just placed through a friendly site.

So, in a few paragraphs I hope I’ve shown you a number of (perhaps new) ways in which you can increase traffic to your site. One I’ve not yet mentioned, is of course, this one, via online ezines and blogs. Article Marketing is now regarded as one of the most important traffic generation mediums we have, but you do need to find the best of the hundreds of article directories you can find on the web, and of course ensure that your blog is as well optimized as the rest of your site. A good way to find out which might be the best directories is to enter firstly “Article Directories” in a Google search, and then “Ezines” and see which are on the first page for both of these. The two searches will catch all you need, and certainly the major directories that I use. You can of course find some excellent Article Submission software, both free and paid, but be aware that some directories do not accept submissions via this software. Take a look at the banner for Article Submission software on my home page.

I hope this is a help to those just starting out with their own website, or indeed to the more experienced who may be looking for ways to generate more traffic.

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