Monday, September 8, 2008

Andy Murray - Gracious in Defeat

Just finished watching an imperious Swiss superstar, Roger Federer, give Andy Murray, precocious, new, British tennis sensation, a lesson in how to win a Grand Slam Tennis Final.

Not to put it too mildly, Fedex was awesome. I doubt anyone could have lived with him, as he not only played his best at what he does superbly, he's also learned to come into the net, something he has always been quite reluctant to do.

But Scotsman Murray, while showing very little of the verve and panache with which he overcame world number one, Rafael Nadal, in the semi-final, did show a new and very important trait. In the post match, on court, TV interview, he was very gracious in defeat, acknowledged the Swiss's mastery of the game and his overwhelming superiority in the final. He also told the appreciative (and of course, noisy) New York crowd, that the Arthur Ashe Center Court was still his favorite place to be!

He will be back.

I've no doubt young Andy learned a huge amount from his first Grand Slam Final, but I think there are also lessons here for anyone, particularly those of us in business.

We're all going to have a good days and our bad. Some days it seems like everything we touch turns to gold, other days everything seems to crumble to dust. The important point is to never stop learning why. Can we analyse what is the difference between these two very different days?

You know what? I wonder if it's not nearly always down to our own attitude. We've all heard of the saying "he got out of the wrong side of the bed", perhaps to describe soneone "in a mood". Maybe that's better understood by describing someone whose normally positive attitude has deserted them.

In the "Science of Getting Rich", author Wallace Wattles, writing mind you, 98 years ago, stated very accurately, that if we always maintain a positive attitude, money will flow to us as if from an open tap. Banish forever the negative thoughts and attitudes which inhibit our potential for personal and financial success. Click on my above link and get a FREE copy of Wattles's amazing book, now in eBook format. I really believe it's a click you will never regret. But more.....

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I know I was!

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